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but my dreams, they aren't as empty

as my conscience seems to be

DS Ray Carling
11 April 1945
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I have hours only lonely
my love is vengeance
that's never free


Very often, it’s the negative aspects of Ray’s personality that become clear first. He’s vulgar, loud, stubborn, and for the most part, a complete bastard. He’s racist, homophobic, and sexist, and not afraid to show it. In fact, whoever you are, you’re likely to be at the receiving end of his insults fairly quickly. He’s often compared to a Neanderthal by his DI, but Ray himself thinks that the modern (or 21st century) way of things is for ponces. As far as he’s concerned, real men don’t need gay boy science to crack a case, or for anything else.

If you can earn Ray’s respect, he’s loyal as a dog. Blindly so, most of the time, though with proof he can, grudgingly, come to realise when his loyalty’s been misplaced. Ray tries to build himself in the image of those he respects, and if any of these people fail to live up to his expectations, he takes it very hard.

As far as police officers go, he’s a good one. Or at least he’s effective. Whether his methods are justifiable or not is debatable. He’s modelled himself after DCI Gene Hunt, and according to Gene, he’s caught more villains than the rest of CID put together. However, unlike Gene, Ray has never learned to draw the line. He can be dangerous if left unsupervised, and has even gone so far as to unintentionally cause the death of another man, trying to get answers out of him. Something he then attempted to cover up afterwards, potentially risking all of his colleague’s careers as well as his own. Although he’d like nothing more than promotion, at this point it’s something he’s far from ready for. He needs superior officers for his own good, as much as the good of those who they’ve arrested.

For a long time he’s desired the rank of DI, and until Sam Tyler came along it looked like he was going to get it for sure. As a result, he has a deep resentment for Sam, as well as his differing methods of policing. For the most part he’s still capable of obeying his orders, but he makes no secret of his disagreement with him. In fact, if it weren’t for the fact Ray refers to him as ‘boss’ it would be hard to tell he was a superior officer at all.

Ray has a lot of pride, and seeing Sam take his place, both as a DI (which he saw as his job), and to an extent as Gene’s right hand is a blow to that pride. Although Ray does seem to have accepted Sam to an extent by the end of Life on Mars, even going so far as to buy him a drink on one occasion, it’s still nothing he would ever outright admit to. He’s certainly not about to start acting like he likes him or his ways. Ray’s pride also means it takes extreme circumstances for him to admit when he’s wrong. If he can hide or deny that he might be, then he will. Rarer still is it to get a genuine apology out of Ray for his actions.

Ray thinks of himself as a womaniser, and he nearly always seems to have one women or another on the go. None of his relationships last long, and that’s just fine with him. He’s far happier to be a free man, able to check out other girls without feeling tied down. He doesn’t see the appeal of marriage, and romance isn’t something he tends to bother much with either. He does see the appeal of a nice looking girl, however, and this is definitely something he can be overly vocal about.

All of this isn’t to say that Ray doesn’t have a soft side. He does, it’s just not something that appears all that often. On the few occasions it does, it’s often hidden by his usual demeanour, and is all too easy to overlook.


when my fist clenches, crack it open
before I use it and lose my cool
when I smile, tell me some bad news
before I laugh and act like a fool


Ray of the Future:

NAME: Raymond Milton Carling
RANK: Detective Sergeant [Detective Inspector (1983)]
DISTRICT: Fenchurch East

Police Notes:

DS Ray Carling joined the Met along with his DCI back in 1981. A burly, no-nonsense chap with some military affectations that I do not believe are backed up with any practical experience in the armed forces. An imbalanced professional code of conduct. Has been spotted on numerous occasions performing no discernible task whatsoever. Feet on the desk. Smoking like it was about to be banned! Similarly lackadaisical when it comes to forensic examination or deductive action.

Much more spontaneous and thorough when called upon to carry out "chase and arrest". In fact so enthusiastic is DS Carling in his apprehension of suspects that on more than one occasion I have formally cautioned him for violent misconduct - once whilst awaiting the outcome of a touch-and-go operation performed on a previously healthy man that Carling was arresting for parking offences.

Has applied no less than five times since his transfer to be considered for promotion. I have insisted that he refrain in future. A violent, lazy, ill-tempered and malcontent Detective Inspector would only add to this division's woes when it comes to public profile. It is my feeling that Carling is perfectly suited to the role of Sergeant.

Post script on personal circumstances: never seems to have a girlfriend but boasts incessantly about his sexual conquests usually involving twins or triplets.

Sexual orientation undecided.

Report compiled by Chief Superintendent Mackintosh.


and If I swallow anything evil
put your finger down my throat
and If I shiver, please give me a blanket
keep me warm, let me wear your coat


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