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but my dreams, they aren't as empty
as my conscience seems to be
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24th-Jan-2030 06:28 pm - IC Contact
you're being a div

You've managed to get through to the number of DS Ray Carling. I'm not 'ere at the moment, or I might jus' not've answered this call. Either way you, 'aven't got through to me. Leave me a message, an' I might try an' get back t'you at some point.
24th-Jan-2030 06:08 pm - OOC Contact
police radio: seventies style
You can use this post to...

→ Ask me questions
→ Organise plotting
→ Make suggestions
→ Let me know if I'm doing something right
→ Let me know if I'm doing something wrong

Comments are screened, and I'm turning anon on/IP logging off. If you're leaving crit, tell me what it is I'm doing wrong. Don't just leave a message saying 'OMG, you're so awful', or I won't know how to improve. Same goes for positive feedback. If you like a certain part of my portrayal, I'd like to know so I can keep it up.

Alternatively I can be reached at:

personal journal: technobabbled
AIM: pixie is bloo
email: technobabbledftw [at] gmail [dot] com
24th-Dec-2010 02:48 pm - [026: VOICE]
police radio: seventies style
Right. Any of you lot want t'try it on over the next three days, I'll 'ave your 'ead shoved down the nearest bog so fast you won't be able t'tell whose shit you're covered in. That includes them deities an' all, if they decide t'pull any of them curse things. Meant t'be for celebratin', Christmas. Not pissin' about chasin' scum.

Anyone on the force fancies a drink, I'm pretty well stocked up 'ere. Jus' let us know 'fore you nick off it, eh?
1st-Dec-2010 06:55 pm - [025: VOICE]
irritated look
--'ave jus' left me 'ome. Bloody 'ell...

[There's some fumbling as Ray messes with the device, eventually working out he's managed to turn it on already. All this modern tech really is tricky when you haven't used it for a while.]

Stuck back 'ere an' this bastard thing ain't even workin' right...

Oi. Skelton. Get your arse out 'ere. You're buyin' me a drink.
11th-Oct-2010 10:39 pm - [024: VIDEO]
{smoke} just too funny
[Ray has a beer. And may have spent the entire day drinking. More so than usual, that is.]

Ain't bad, this tap stuff. You'd've thought it were crap, bein' free an' that, but it ain't. 'Aven't paid for a drink all day. Should jus' keep the water like this, I reckon. Bloody brilliant.
13th-Sep-2010 08:45 pm - [023: VOICE]
you're such a thicko
Not such a bad weekend, so far as curses go, that one. Nowt that can't be put right with a few good bottles of whiskey, at any rate. Anyone's up for drinks tonight, first round's on me.

Eh, Chris. 'Ow's your boyfriend?

[Conveniently forgetting the incident last month here. It would prooooobably be in your best interests if you did, too. Or Ray won't be a happy bunny. Because obviously that never happened. AT ALL. :|]
11th-Sep-2010 03:52 pm - [022: VIDEO]
|A2A| {smoke} unimpressed
[What has a perm and dresses like a maths teacher in a suit? Ray Carling (circa 1983), of course.

He might look pretty drastically different than he did yesterday, but at least his expression should be familiar. As usual, he's looking very unimpressed by the goings on in the City.]

Not enough to 'ave one curse t'be gettin' on with, is it?

Any of you lot feels like doin' sommat you wouldn't normally, don't bloody do it. All right? I don't want t'be dealin' with your messes, an' you prob'ly don't want 'em neither. So let's try an' save us all some 'assle this time round, eh?

Ought t'be common sense for anyone who's been 'ere more'n a couple of days...

[ooc; Today Ray's affected by Age Reversal Day. So far as he's concerned, he's from 1983 and he's finally made it to Detective Inspector. Besides that, he's pretty much the same old Ray he always was. \o>]
31st-Aug-2010 10:40 pm - [021: VOICE]
[Chris][Sam] definitely worth a look
All them inventions yesterday an' not one person thought t'make up a proper pint... Can't bloody believe that.

[Ray huffs, pausing to think about that. Or possibly just for a drag off his cigarette. The latter, of course, is far more likely.]

Mind you, might be jus' as well no one did. Prob'ly would've jus' wound up makin' it even smaller, or sommat.
16th-Aug-2010 10:19 pm - [020: VOICE]
oh you are joking
M'not an arse bandit. Anyone sees Skelton, they can kick 'is arse from me.

I don't want to 'ave t'see that nancy arsed, bird stealing, fairy boy again. 'E so much as comes near me, I'm givin' 'im what 'e's got comin'. 'E's lucky I ain't put 'im in the gutter already, for all the shit 'e's given me today.

You listenin' to this, you don't talk to me, you don't look at me, you don't don't come near me. Got it, Skelton?


[ooc; Ray's own offering, to try and win Arkady's affections, was to raise a glass or three of whiskey to God. Business as usual, then. Just with some added religion. ]
21st-Jul-2010 07:35 pm - [019: VOICE]
disbelieving look
Yeah, all right. I know I'm always sayin' 'ow sick I am of all this modern crap this place keeps throwin' out everywhere, but bleedin' dinosaurs? Not what I had in mind when I was thinkin' we should back things up a bit.

Least they should be gone before too long. Try not to get yourselves trampled by a brontosaurus or sommat in the meantime, eh?
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